Welcome To Edbiz Consulting

Our unique vision and thinking outside of the box makes us a truly dynamic Shari’a / Shariah advisory firm. Edbiz Consulting is committed to social responsibility and the founder's vision of developing a global network of social enterprises, which should offer value addition to its stakeholders in a sustainable and economically efficient way.

Our business model relies on profitability of the business enterprise because we believe that only commercially viable enterprises can maintain their social responsibility on a sustainable basis.

We also aim at promoting social responsibility by recognizing good practices, encouraging them and celebrating success stories in the field of social responsibility.

Edbiz Consulting is not just another Islamic or Shari'a advisory firm. It is a firm that aims at introducing Shari'a authenticity by improving the value proposition of the financial products our clients wish to develop, with an overall result of no increase in costs and no efficiency loss.

Our Products and Strategies

Research & Development

Every company requires tailored information about the market in which they wish to enter. ...

Islamic Financial Intelligence

Our Islamic Finance Access Programme (IFAP) is our pride. ...

Islamic Financial Advocacy

Islamic financial advocacy is the cornerstone of Edbiz Consulting. ...

Islamic Finance Publications

There is an ever pressing need to disseminate high quality and comprehensive information about Islamic finance to both those within and outside the industry. ...

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Aseel Finance
Bank Aljazira
Bank Nizwa
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